World’s First Pure Electric Hypercar From Pininfarina Gets Luxury Audio System From Naim

When it comes to cars, I’m not an avid fan. As long as my car can get me from A to B reliably, then I’m happy. However, that’s isn’t to say that I can’t appreciate amazing automotive engineering, especially if the car in question has one of the best sound systems on the planet.

Automobili Pininfarina, the deluxe Italian hypercar brand has announced an exciting new partnership with British luxury hi-fi brand, Naim Audio. The Salisbury-based company has designed the ultimate sound system for prospective owners of what is the most powerful Italian sports car of all time. The ultimate audio system has been made for the Battista Anniversario, the world’s first pure-electric luxury hypercar. Automobili Pininfarina has prepared a small fleet of prototype Battista hypercars ready for the final stages of a rigorous testing program that’s due to begin in August. 

Every Battista pure-electric hypercar will be hand-crafted in Cambiano, near Turin, Italy. The cars will be delivered to clients in early 2021 and Battista is limited to a run of just 150 cars. Each will be fitted with a bespoke in-car sound system designed and made by the award-winning Naim Audio.

Rene Wollmann, Automobili Pininfarina’s director of sportscars said: “Our clients are eagerly anticipating the unprecedented driving performance of Battista, and now we will provide an equally thrilling 1,300 Watts in-car sound experience for their pleasure.

“We will also harness the sound of Battista’s four e-motors, which will provide a unique and exciting soundtrack when this hypercar accelerates at speeds up to 350 km/h. Electrification creates an entirely new dimension and opportunity for sound tuning throughout Battista.”

The engineers and designers at Automobili Pininfarina have seamlessly integrated new Naim Audio speakers and associated electronics into the luxurious interior of Battista, enhancing the car’s elegance with a purity of purpose that matches its magnificent exterior design.

The newly developed audio system can deliver a mighty 1,300 Watts of amplification fed to no fewer than 10 loudspeakers arranged inside the exquisite interior of Automobili Pininfarina’s first pure-electric car. The new sound system has a dual voice coil subwoofer positioned between the driver and passenger seats. Super-tweeters have been hidden behind the seats and secreted in the panels of Battista’s dramatic butterfly doors. 

Naim Audio has called on the expertise of its sister company Focal to optimize all of car’s speakers so they can function perfectly in their unique environment. Naim’s sound engineers have tuned the amplification and built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) system to produce in-car audio that matches the performance of Battista. The tuning is optimized for both driver and passenger thanks to a symmetrical speaker layout that creates an auditorium-like studio effect. Naim claims the realism and ambiance of the sound system will make it seem as if musicians are playing inside the car.

Charlie Henderson is Naim Audio’s managing director. He said: “I’m thrilled that our first EV hypercar audio system has been created specifically for the Battista by Automobili Pininfarina. In the electric vehicle era, audio is more important than ever.

“At cruising speeds, the nature of Battista will be serene and peaceful. In this scenario, sound quality will be critical. We see this as a fantastic opportunity to create an all-new sound experience that is as revolutionary as Battista itself. Using the finest components from audiophile-grade automotive speakers, alongside our expertise in DSP and audio tuning, Battista will offer an exceptional sonic experience.”

According to Automobili Pininfarina, Battista has 1,900hp motor and a top speed of 217mph. It can go from 0 – 62mph in under than two seconds. Battista can be yours for a cool €2 million. Just five of the cars will have the Anniversario spec and it will set you back €2.6 million. There’s no word on what kind of G forces are produced by that sort of acceleration, but with a great sound system it’s bound to be nothing short of thrilling.

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