Tesla makes the Model S, the Model X, the Model 3, and the Model Y, two of which were genuinely groundbreaking, one of which has become the volume sales success Tesla needed, and the other the possible sales success Tesla still needs. But CEO Elon Musk has been giving hints […]

On Thursday, Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio announced plans for a “battery as a service” option with its cars.  The company will let buyers lease their batteries for about $150 per month, lowering the purchase price of the car.  Customers will have access to battery-swap locations and chargers throughout China, […]

The Tesla Model Y is already undergoing its first ramp, with deliveries beginning despite the coronavirus pandemic. Amidst the Model Y’s ramp, automotive firm Edmunds has validated the vehicle’s mainstream appeal, stating that the all-electric crossover will likely be “extremely compelling” for many buyers.  Echoing much of its initial observations about the […]