Ford’s 2021 Bronco unveiling is already causing a rift and sparking outrage among Jeep Wrangler fans online

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  • The newly launched Ford Bronco takes aim directly at the Jeep Wrangler.

  • Both are boxy, off-roading vehicles.

  • The crossover is causing some Wrangler fans to bristle at the Bronco memes showing up in Jeep Wrangler Facebook groups, causing a rift.

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With a boxy design, big all-terrain tires, and all of the appropriate off-roading hardware, it’s obvious the 2021 Ford Bronco is aimed directly at the Jeep Wrangler. Which should be fine. After all, healthy competition breeds innovation. Except it seems that Jeep fans are not happy about it in online Jeep Wrangler forums and Facebook groups.

Cars, much like everything else that has a fanatical following, usually have dedicated online forums and groups where fans and owners gather to swap advice, share stories, and hang out. 

One of the biggest Jeep Wrangler forums,, is a lively community of all things

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Death of a car salesman looms as dealers go online

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The epochal shift to online could sound the death knell for the car salesman - Hugo Wilbur for The Telegraph
The epochal shift to online could sound the death knell for the car salesman – Hugo Wilbur for The Telegraph

The Covid-19 crisis has driven the UK’s 4,500-strong franchised car dealer network to a Darwinian junction: adapt to survive or risk extinction.

Car dealerships have been open to process sales since early June but demand to splash out on big-ticket purchases has plummeted as the UK enters a huge recession. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has predicted a 27pc fall in new car sales this year, making it the worst year since 1993.

Meanwhile dealers are looking to save costs where possible. Lookers, one of the UK’s biggest listed dealerships, has announced plans to shed 1,500 staff – almost a fifth of its workforce – and close 12 sites as sales crash due to coronavirus.

Even before Covid, the sector was grappling with the challenge posed by the

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25 Tips and Tricks for Buying a Car Online During the Pandemic

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The coronavirus shutdown has forced car dealers and auto manufacturers to place a much greater emphasis on selling vehicles online. The process isn’t new to the COVID-19 crisis, but the current situation has compelled virtually every major automaker to expand their online offerings to the point that you can now research, select, test drive, negotiate for and purchase virtually any new car without leaving your home. Here’s what to keep in mind when buying a car.

Last updated: July 10, 2020

Don’t Panic, Not Much Has Changed

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of buying a car online for the first time, don’t. Much of the traditional car-buying process — shopping, researching, applying for loans, etc. — takes place online anyway, so not that much is different. The important thing is not to forget the basics.

Open Your Mind, Even If You’ve Already Made It Up

If you’re about

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1995 Ferrari F50 Poised To Become Highest-Priced Car Ever Sold Online

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It’s one of only 55 U.S.-spec F50s ever made.

In August, Gooding & Co. will kick off its new platform of online auctions, and it will be swinging for the fences as one of the cars included in this auction is a 1995 Ferrari F50. No estimates have been given as to how much Gooding & Co. is expecting the F50 to sell for, but these Ferraris have been consistently selling for upwards of $2.5 million in recent years including one that sold for $3.2 million range earlier this year. All it would take is a price higher than $2.6 million to break the record set by a 2003 Ferrari Enzo back in June for the most expensive car ever sold online.

Image Credit: Gooding & Co.

From 1995 through 1997, Ferrari built just 349 examples (total) of its F50 supercar, and

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