COVID-19 is changing how we buy cars with online sales, home delivery and more transparent pricing

At some point, we’ve all felt like a chump in a car dealership showroom, waiting for the salesperson to emerge from a shrouded back office where they presumably spent the last 20 minutes pushing a hard-nosed manager to chip another $100 off the price of that car you’re haggling over.

After hours at the dealership, it feels like an endless game that you’re destined to lose.

But that exhausting and enigmatic car-buying process at bricks-and-mortar stores will be a relic of the past in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, industry experts predict. Mandated stay-home orders have forced car buyers and dealers to adopt a new ‘bricks and clicks’ model instead.

“I can order my groceries to my door, I can order new running shoes to my door … every part of our life right now is delivered,” said Jessica Stafford, general manager of Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book. “Our

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This website is all about the U.S.A. and how we pushed the barrier of speed as our nations starting with men on horseback all the way to modern day where we are pushing vehicles with over 1000 horsepower. 

I chose to look deeper into transportation in our country’s great history for a couple of reasons. First of all, I love cars and motorcycles today. I saw this as a great way for me to learn how we came to how we are today with Mustangs and Challengers that rip wheel right off of axles. Another reason why I want to learn about transportation is because it changed our country so much as it advanced. From the transition from horses to trains and from trains to cars it had a large impact. Lastly, the Americans took a far different approach building cars than European and Asian manufacturers. Americans were more about

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At the recent Sustrans Volunteers weekend in Aviemore, Dunkeld’s Katharine Melville received one of three Appreciation Awards. Xavier Brice, Chief Executive of Sustrans, presented the certificate to Katharine who, along with several other ByCycle members, has worked for many years as a Ranger on the off-road sections of NCN77 and 83 near Dunkeld..

Pulling the non-native species Himalayan Balsam in Perth was the reason for this year’s recognition. The Perth and Kinross volunteer group have worked for a number of years on a section of path in North Muirton which is forms part of a wider Sustrans project known as Greener Greenways which recognises Sustrans routes as a natural ecological corridor for wildlife.

When it comes to maintaining the network, all users of the routes can do their bit.

Major faults can be reports to Perth and Kinross Council, to Bear (for the highway sections close to the A9 at

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