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Show & Tell – 8/28Carol Brown and Snickers gave Cody a special book!

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Gifts From the Heart of Elk GroveA local brick and mortar is closing up shop and going virtual. Lori visits Gifts From the Heart of Elk Grove.

Tumble FriendsIf you can’t go to gymnastics class, why not have the coach come to you? Julissa tells us about Tumble Friends mobile program.

Courtney Honored For 25 Years Of Community Service Part 3We’re honored and proud to work with Courtney Dempsey.

HVAC GiveawayTwo companies are teaming up to

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Global Automotive Wheel Alignment Service Market in Good Shape

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Automotive Wheel Alignment Service Market

Wheel alignment is a necessary process to be conducted at a specific time interval, in order to achieve high performance and efficiency of vehicles and vehicle brake components. In wheel alignment, all the wheels are checked for camber, caster, toe, and suspension height. Vehicle wheels undergo wear and withstand various bumps and vibration; consequently, the tires lose their alignment. Misaligned wheels lead to faster tire and brake pad wear, noise, vibration, thereby hampering the operation of the vehicle.

Vehicle manufacturers suggest wheel alignment to be carried out every six months or after every 10,000 kilometers, whichever occurs first. This, in turn, is driving the global automotive wheel alignment service market. Moreover, increased tire life, increased lifespan of braking components, and noise- and vibration-free operation are advantages offered by periodic wheel alignment. This, in turn, drives the global automotive wheel alignment service market. The procedure to

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Which mopeds make good parts donors?

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The mopeds are proper motor-bikes, designed by engineers for a broad spectrum of customers. And lets face it, our MB’s are just mopeds. Our wheels are bigger, but they’re mopeds just the same.

But the reality is, there is not much for us to use. The best part about a moped is the brakes. They use proper drums, with big axles, good stuff for sure!

Sadly, the offset is all wrong for the China motors which is a major bummer because that is what most of us run. The rear hub has both a drive side and bicycle side sproket but they’re too wide and chains just don’t align. The other bummer is that the China motors require a clutch lever So if you have front brake, you end up with three levers if you run the moped rear hub.

The front hubs are good stuff too, but again, they

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Good News from the Industry as it Rallies Against the Spread of Covid-19 [Update: Muc-Off Launch Anti-Bac Fight Back Program]

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Among the constant bad news about the worsening spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands and people in the bike industry are trying to make the most of a bad situation. Check out some of the positive news stories to come through our inbox.

Muc-Off launch ‘Anti Bac Fight Back’ project

Muc-Off has added to their recent efforts of assisting with the shortage of plastic bottles for hand sanitiser by launching their new ‘Anti Bac Fight Back’ project. The new program from the UK based company sees them take three different approaches to the situation. Support front line workers, protecting people and global support.

Adding to their previous efforts Muc-Off is now providing ITU nurses with anti-bacterial moisturising creams to help with the soreness creating by wearing face masks during their shifts. The aim is to donate 100,000 products to front line health workers.

They have also released a new range

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