Inside the bespoke Yorkshire bike shop still in gear after 84 years

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Ellis Briggs Cycles have been making bicycles for more than 80 years and their craftsmanship is still in big demand, as John Hayes discovers. Pictures by Bruce Rollinson.

Monday, 14th September 2020, 11:45 am

Bicycle frame builder Paul Gibson at work on a bespoke steel frame at Ellis Briggs Cycles, Shipley.
Picture Bruce Rollinson

The epic climbs and descents of the region’s Tour de Yorkshire bike race could be a perfect analogy for the cycling industry. Currently enjoying a renaissance, thanks largely to reduced traffic levels during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, nobody is sure whether this is the start of a healthy transportation revolution or a passing fad bolstered by gym closures (now reopened) and furloughed workers with time on their hands.

Paul Gibson, as the current proprietor of Ellis Briggs Cycles, a business based in the West Yorkshire town of Shipley since 1936 and famed as the oldest

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Over 500 miles of new bike trails have been added throughout the U.S. in the past few months

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Given the bike shortage that has taken over the United States this past summer and folks’ turning to the great outdoors after being locked in for months under stay-at-home orders, this news shouldn’t come as a surprise: the U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) has recently added over 500 miles of new bike trails across California and Wisconsin specifically.

The effort is the result of work from local state officials and cycling communities alongside the USBRS, which now officially spans 29 states. 

The additions include a 269-mile path that connects Milwaukee to the Mississippi River at Bluff Siding and an extension of a pre-existing path from the San Francisco Bay Area to Nevada, now reaching Lake Tahoe. 

“Establishing this route has been years in the making and it’s a great accomplishment for the state,” said Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) secretary-designee in an official statement regarding the news. “More than 70

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Cycling advocate explains why we need those new bike lanes

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Making cycling feel safer makes it more likely people will get outside and exercise on their daily commute, says Andre Riopel

This past week, residents of the area around Sault College may have noticed that roads got a new paint job delinating bike lanes. This project is part of a greater effort, pushed by the Sault Cycling Club, to make the city more friendly to alternative transportation.

The current project is painting new bike lanes in Northern Ave. and Pine St, Willow Ave. with the last two streets connecting to the Hub Trail. It is set to be completed by the end of summer.

The idea behind creating new bicycle lanes is to change the perception of cycling as a safe and convenient activity.

“What we’ve learned all over the world over the years is that the greatest way to promote cycling is through the perception of safety,” said Andre

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Electric Bike Technologies is Donating Its Popular Liberty Trike to Children with a Rare Neuromuscular Disease

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BUCKS COUNTY, Pa., Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Electric Bike Technologies, Inc. (EBT), the maker of the Liberty Trike, a unique folding and active-mobility tricycle, announced today that it will be donating 10 Liberty Trikes to children with a rare neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

SMA is a genetic disorder that starts in the central nervous system and affects all the muscles in the body. Due to the degenerative nature of the disease, babies, kids and adults with SMA will experience a decline in muscle strength over time although the rate and severity can vary among individuals.

Liberty Trike enables children with SMA, and others with similar physical challenges, to have a range of independent mobility not easily found in the medical mobility device realm.

“Kids with SMA deserve a better mobility option. And their parents, that give everything to make

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