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I forgot to add to my previous complaint about these clowns that on the ’66 Vette I purchased from them for BIG BIG dollars also DID NOT have ANY GREASE at all in all four upper and lower ball joints, plus all of the power steering fittings. No grease at all. I had to lube them myself.
Also, the speedometer needle is 1/4 inch to the right of zero, so I’m off on the speed as I’m driving this Vette. No wonder everyone was passing me.This means I have to remove the whole instrument panel AFTER removing the whole steering column, in order to get to the speedometer needle and replace it.Of course, there’s NO WAY the idiots at Mershons could do work like this….it’s all left to me to correct all the crap that I previously mentioned along with this also.I’m absolutely sure I’ll other things horribly wrong with this very expensive Vette I bought that I THOUGHT I could go right out and drive instead of working on it all winter.I only hope, since the frame is most likely bent from that accident(after being told it’s fine)that I can still get the alignment done ok in this area.You should see how far down that right rear spring is hanging..almost touching the pavement. Yep, nothing’s wrong with it…”all factory.” Rare, rare, rare. I’m sure this Vette has been sitting in the warehouse for a very long time out there in Ohio…the rust in the master cylinder explains that.

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Bruce, thank you for taking time out of Christmas day to write this review. As always there are two sides so let me present ours. I remember this deal well because I thought it was the sweetest thing ever that your extremely pleasant wife Shirley handled nearly all communication between us. Months after the sale Shirley called about a problem you were having with the car, we agreed to a solution and drop shipped some parts to you. Last we heard was a thank you so much for your help and that Bruce was enjoying his car. Had any of the above issues been presented as clearly and pleasantly as the other problem we solved together, the result would have been the same in that Mershons would have been happy to help.

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