Is It More Dangerous Driving During Winter Than Summer?

You might assume that the most dangerous time for drivers is in winter. The idea of winter storms causing whiteouts and freezing temperatures creating black ice generates reasonable fear in many of us, particularly in New England, Altman & Altman’s home base of Cambridge and the Greater Boston Area, and causes deaths every year.

However, you will be shocked to find out that the summer months, June, July, and August, in particular, are probably the most dangerous months to drive for several reasons. According to a new report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that analyzed 24 years of traffic incidents in America, those months are currently responsible for 29 per cent more casualties than the most wintery months of December, January, and February. That’s primarily because there are more individuals on the lane.

Summer months lead to an estimated 20 per cent rise in the number of total vehicles at any given time on the road. Simply put, more cars on the roadways contribute to a greater chance of an accident involving you.

. There are more young individuals on the route,

The number of students and young people on the road due to being on summer break and out of school is partially responsible for increasing the number of vehicles on the road. Younger drivers have less road and vehicle control experience, which increases their risk of serious accidents. The main issue lies with teenage drivers; therefore, parents and guidance should read a list of home insurance company reviews to be more knowledgeable about their young ones’ safety.

. Hotter temperatures lead to more accidents involving tires

Hotter temperatures cause your tires to expand, while cold temperatures cause your tires to contract and restrict. Rapid expansion and high asphalt temperatures during the summer months can contribute to an increased risk of a blowout, leading to severe accidents with older tires and tires that have not been maintained.

. More construction rates

Municipalities hurry to get as much road work completed as possible when the weather gets warmer, and asphalt plants commence during this time, too. This job contributes to road delays, detours, and lane changes that can lead to rear-end collisions and other incidents that can surprise traffic and cause congestion.

. Congested road due to holiday

We all have our dream destinations for summer. Congested roads lead to tougher driving conditions and the potential for danger on the road. (Pay attention to angry drivers who might cut you off)

. More unfamiliar vocational drivers

Vocational drivers are often unfamiliar with the roads, leading to driving that is erratic or unpredictable. When checking out the sights, they can also drive slowly. More Motorcycles On The Road – By eventually getting their bikes out of the garage, bikers and cyclists take advantage of the warm weather, making sharing the road a priority for drivers.

Motorcycles in your blind spot can be hard to see and can vanish. Even misjudging the speed of a motorcycle can be easy.

. Tire Blowouts and Repair of vehicles

Negatively, the summer weather will affect your tyres. Hot weather allows, among many other items, the air in your tires to expand. This can lead to a blowout on worn tires if ignored or left unnoticed. During the summer season, motorists must inspect their tires regularly. Proper car maintenance and tire monitoring will prevent you, your family, or anyone else from being injured by a blowout and a possible accident and peradventure the mistake happens, get familiar with 247 home rescue reviews even before time!.

. Those Happy Hours, long-awaited

More holiday weekends and parties offer summer months and warm weather. When they mingle with friends, lounge by the pool, or relax at the beach, many people find themselves drinking more alcohol. If you know, be sure to nominate a designated driver or find alternative transport to make it safe for you to drink.

. Over speeding

Bove will find it challenging to comply with the speed limit, but it is necessary to prevent a potentially fatal accident and expensive speeding tickets following the speed limits posted. Do not risk yourself, your passengers, or other vehicles driving too fast and endangering them. Give yourself some time, and it is possible to stop this temptation.

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