Harley-Davidson OEM parts are very important for Harley riders

Anyone who is familiar with the world of motorcycles knows that Harley Davidson has the most loyal customers among any motorcycle brand out there. There is an entire culture around this brand. There are owner clubs and various events all over the world for Harley riders. This company licenses and markets all of its products under the Harley-Davidson brand. And the merchandise goes well beyond just motorcycles and motorcycle parts. This company has such a loyal following that it even sells accessories, toys, apparel, ornaments, and even video games under its brand. Harley-Davidson has been able to market its motorcycles as a life-style not just a vehicle. And therefore customizing your motorcycle to fit your character and style has become an essential aspect of owning a Harley-Davidson. Some Harley owners can’t resist but to modify their motorcycles regularly. But most Harley owners who are not looking to modify their motorcycles only buy Harley-Davidson OEM parts to tune their bikes with. For them brand loyalty is more important than anything.


Harley-Davidson OEM parts for vintage models have become difficult to find

As we mentioned the Harley-Davidson brand has a very loyal following. And as with any other brand that has loyal followers, there are many Harley enthusiasts who either own classic Harley models, or collect these vintage models. Some of these bikes have really withstood the test of time. But since many of these motorcycles have not been produced anymore for many years, some OEM parts for these classic models are difficult to find. There were two Harley-Davidson models that the US military used during WWII. The WLA classic military motorcycle was produced in fairly high numbers. But only around 1000 Harley-Davidson XA models were built. And finding OEM parts for this model for example has become near impossible.


Some vintage models share many parts with newer models   

There were some Harley-Davidson models that were also discontinued like the K-model that was only produced from 1952-1956. This model was very popular and even Elvis Presley owned one. This model is still popular among classic motorcycle collectors. But lucky for them, despite the K-model being discontinued, many major parts and components from the K-model were carried over to their 1957 Sportster model which was produced all the way to 1965. So those who own K-models have many more options for finding motorcycle parts compared to some other vintage models because of the shared parts that this motorcycle and the 1957 Sportster share.

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