I forgot to add to my previous complaint about these clowns that on the ’66 Vette I purchased from them for BIG BIG dollars also DID NOT have ANY GREASE… at all in all four upper and lower ball joints, plus all of the power steering fittings. No grease at […]

Bob Montgomery   | Herald-Journal The deadly COVID-19 coronavirus has caused plenty of pain, heartache, and death since March. But for the members of the BMW Car Club of America Foundation in Greer, it produced one blessing for its latest exhibit, according to operations director Neil Baer. The owner of an extremely […]

The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), the world’s largest organization of its kind, held its annual Grand Nationals in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, this year. The event included AACA’s annual Zenith Award competition and its Grand Nationals car show. AACA’s annual Grand Nationals is always without question the Nation’s largest and […]

Today, 91{d758473eadf0b692d331aa823300cffd0ef21fd1fd535177f3429dd328b70b5d} of car accidents worldwide are caused by some form of human error. Moving to ADAS functions, such as Automatic Emergency Braking or Lane Keep Assist, and autonomous vehicles (AVs) will significantly improve road safety and reduce costs associated with accidents, such as car and highway repair, police, ambulance, […]

(Bloomberg) — Chinese electric-car startup XPeng Inc. nailed its trading debut in the U.S. as cleaner types of vehicles increasingly grab the attention of consumers and investors. XPeng’s American depositary shares jumped as much as 67{d758473eadf0b692d331aa823300cffd0ef21fd1fd535177f3429dd328b70b5d} before closing 41{d758473eadf0b692d331aa823300cffd0ef21fd1fd535177f3429dd328b70b5d} higher after the Guangzhou-based firm raised $1.5 billion in an initial […]

“It’s a real pity,” said Hiroshi Yokoyama, group manager of brand management at Toyota’s Gazoo Racing Co., the motorsports unit that oversaw the drive program. “But because of the coronavirus, we had no choice.” Yet, even as Toyota’s drive came to an inglorious close, Japan’s biggest automaker is busy keeping […]

The Eclipse Cross isn’t a crossover that sells very quickly. Sam Bendall/Roadshow This year dealt automakers a far different hand than any of them could have prepared for as the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world. But, despite auto sales still hanging around much lower levels than before COVID-19, people […]

Back in 2012 the Concours of Elegance was established in the UK to “bring together the world’s rarest cars” and in 2020 it will continue to do just that, with the latest array of mouth-watering metal to go on show being revealed. 2020 is once again set to gather what […]

Tesla makes the Model S, the Model X, the Model 3, and the Model Y, two of which were genuinely groundbreaking, one of which has become the volume sales success Tesla needed, and the other the possible sales success Tesla still needs. But CEO Elon Musk has been giving hints […]

© Provided by Lifestyle Asia We’re about to dawn a new era of the Dark Knight dynasty. As Robert Pattinson suits up for the upcoming ‘The Batman’ 2021 movie, the world is eager to see what the next batmobile would look like. After 2008’s ‘The Tumbler’ from The Dark Knight […]

Though armored cars have fallen out of favor with a number of militaries around the world, France still has a number of cars in service. Often nimble and well-armed, French armored cars serve in a reconnaissance role. The AMX-10 is one of the French military’s larger, more capable armored cars, and served faithfully from […]