26 Great Automotive Websites

The Automobile industry is one of the most affected by the recession the world is living these days. Competition is fierce in today’s economy and with such an expensive product, having a quality website to show it to the world is more than important, it’s crucial.
Content of car-related websites is highly image-driven, usually combined with heavy animations, audio and video. We can see lots of image galleries, use of flash, customizing features… The use of microsites for specific models is also common. Structures tend to be similar from one site to another, but fortunately this is changing in an attempt to differentiate car models from their competitors.
In this post we showcase 26 great automotive websites from around the world to inspire you.

  • Citroën DS5

    Citroën DS5

  • Hyundai Vesloster

    Hyundai Vesloster

  • Volkswage Bettle

    Volkswage Bettle

  • CODA Automotive

    CODA Automotive

  • Kodeks Mitsubishi

    Kodeks Mitsubishi

  • Volvo Cross Country Travels

    Volvo Cross Country Travels

  • MINI Lunatics

    MINI Lunatics

  • Toyota Racing’s Sponsafy Your Ride Contest

    Toyota Racing's Sponsafy Your Ride Contest

  • Mercedes-Benz – The New C-Class Coupé

    Mercedes-Benz – The New C-Class Coupé

  • Lamborghini Canada

    Lamborghini Canada

  • Dodge


  • Scion


  • Lamborghini


  • Chrysler


  • Chevrolet


  • Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo

  • MG


  • Infiniti


  • The 3rd Generation Prius

    The 3rd Generation Prius

  • Lexus GS 45h Russian Federation

    Lexus GS 45h Russian Federation

  • 2011 Land Cruiser SUV Australia and Yukon

    2011 Land Cruiser SUV Australia and Yukon

  • Lexus rx350 Russian Federation

    Lexus rx350 Russian Federation

  • Mercedes sl65 AMG Black Series

    Mercedes sl65 AMG Black Series

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