New bike lane in Turkey’s Hatay offers cyclists scenic route

putri titian

Stretching along the Eastern Mediterranean coast in Turkey, a new cycling lane inaugurated earlier this month gives bikers from across Turkey a chance to enjoy an uninterrupted, scenic ride. One of the longest routes in the region, the lane connects Samandağ and Arsuz, two districts of the southern Turkish province of Hatay, and runs beside a 25-kilometer (16-mile) stretch of road.

Tolga Özçelik, a cyclist riding on the lane, told Ihlas News Agency (IHA) on Monday that the lane is important for tourism as well as for use by locals. His only complaint is that some drivers cross into the lane in sections, missing warning signs against motor vehicle use.

Hanifi Tuygar, another cyclist, said the lane is “beautiful,” as they can admire the view of the forest on one side and the view of the sea on the other side.

The cycling lane, dubbed the “longest” in the world

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