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This picture captures a terrifying moment in the best day of Danny Sullivan’s racing career. A former New York City cabbie, Sullivan was leading the 1985 Indianapolis 500 when he lost control at 240 mph.

What does it feel like when the whole world spins around? In the weird year of 2020, I think all of us can answer that question. It’s disorienting, frightening, it makes you question why you do what you do. But then you adapt. You wear a mask, you learn to focus in video meetings, to manage your children’s schoolwork, to have a beer with friends from across the yard.

This is the first volume of R&T, the new evolution of the world’s most legendary magazine for car enthusiasts. Each bimonthly issue has a special theme. Volume 1 is Motorsports.

R&T’s production began in the middle

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Op-Ed | New York City’s Open Streets plan fails to address the complicated future of urban transportation

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Four months ago, traffic engineers in major cities around the world were asking themselves the same questions: How does a crowded city, reliant on underground trains, function in an airborne pandemic? What would happen if everyone started to drive instead?

Predicting carmageddon, forward leaning cities got out ahead of the problem. From London to Los Angeles, mayors discouraged driving by offering ambitious new alternatives. In Milan, it was Strade AperteI. In Paris, Corona Cycleways. But across the globe, the idea was the same: close a network of streets to cars and open them to people, bikes and transit. City residents responded with enthusiasm and these safe, connected car-free routes filled with people. Bicycle sales boomed, and would-be rail riders shifted to the bus instead. 


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