FACTBOX-Central Europe’s car makers hit by COVID-19 pandemic

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July 30 (Reuters) – The COVID-19 pandemic poses new challenges for carmakers in central Europe. Below are figures on producers in the region and their contribution to the economies of Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the countries in the region that are most reliant on the auto industry.


Population: 9.8 million.

The car sector’s contribution to GDP is about 4-6%, and it accounted for almost one third of industrial output and 21% of exports in 2019.

The sector employs around 170,000 people.

GDP FORECAST FOR 2020: the government projects a 5% decline (vs OECD projection for a decline of 8%)

** AUDI – production is running in three shifts at its car plant, but certain parts of the engine plant were not back at full capacity as of mid-July. It made 164,372 cars last year and 1.969 million engines but declined to give a forecast for this year’s

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Janette Sadik-Khan: Why The Pandemic Represents A Historic Opportunity For NYC Streets

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During her time as New York City’s transformative transportation commissioner from 2007 to 2013, Janette Sadik-Khan once referred to herself as “basically the largest real-estate developer in New York City.” The remark, while maybe somewhat tongue-in-cheek, reflected the sweeping scope and power in which she approached her job. Rather than simply manage the city’s automobile-focused streets, Sadik-Khan sought to change that biased transportation premise, by adding 400 miles of bike lanes and turning notoriously congested intersections like Times Square into pedestrian plazas. Her policies rankled businesses and car-owning New Yorkers used to casually driving into Manhattan and finding a pre-dinner parking spot. But for a generation of cyclists and urbanists, she became a vanguard whose ideas, once seen as radical, have now become de rigeur in urban planning circles.

Today, Sadik-Khan works as a transportation consultant for Bloomberg Associates, where she advises cities across the world. Not surprisingly, during the

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Custom 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Transformed Into A Killer Hotrod

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a truck is parked on the side of a road

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Forget everything you’ve ever come to expect from a hotrod.

Not to over simplify the art of hotrod making, but it would seem that the most successful and widely used equation for creating such a custom vehicle goes as follows: combine a small block Chevy engine, Mustang II front end and a nine-inch Ford rear end with a healthy dose of flamed paint, American Racing wheels and a Lokar shifter.

This custom 1987 Chevrolet S-10 definitely didn’t get that memo, yet it’s undoubtedly still one cool hotrod!

Ok, the small block Chevy V8 is there as is the Lokar shifter, but even these are done with unique customization. The 350 cubic-inch V8 engine block is fitted with a matte black ram-air style air cleaner, ribbed valve covers and long-tube headers, but the coolest part of the engine is that the block is painted in dark red

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