High Point man, World War II veteran, celebrates 100th birthday

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — One hundred people gathered this afternoon to celebrate a milestone birthday of a High Point veteran. High Point resident Richard Hauser turns 100 years old Tuesday, but Sunday was the community celebration. 

FOX8 got the chance to catch up with him as he took in all the attention. 

More than a hundred cars wrapped around the block outside First Wesleyan Church in High Point Sunday. 

“I appreciate all these people coming out today for my service, for my country, my church, for speech. And the blessing every (single) morning has brought me in my life,” he said.

Hauser, an Army veteran, fought in World War II. 

“I was down in Lucian island for two years. They took me out and sent me over to England,” Hauser said. 

He survived the largest seaborne invasion in history, D-day. 

“I’ve been shot at. I’ve been everything; you name it,

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When Making Autonomous Vehicles Smart and Safe, It Helps to Have the Right Tools > ENGINEERING.com

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“Hop in your car—it’s taking you to Starbucks!”

That used to sound like a line from a sci-fi movie, but the progress being made towards a driverless automotive system seems increasingly inevitable to the public mind.

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) have enormous potential. However, that potential is predicated on an AV’s ability to sense and perceive its surroundings, and make decisions independently in real-time. It falls to engineers to invest AVs with those abilities and assure passenger safety. The pressure is on.

With the right hardware and software, AVs can ensure passenger safety by appropriately dealing with any unpredictable scenario. The critical hardware component is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) chip, which needs to be customized for different usage and conditions. In addition, the software needs to synergize with the AI chip to achieve the fastest and most accurate analytics and decision-making (inference). Lastly,

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BMW Car Club unveils ‘Genesis’ exhibit of early models

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Bob Montgomery
| Herald-Journal

The deadly COVID-19 coronavirus has caused plenty of pain, heartache, and death since March.

But for the members of the BMW Car Club of America Foundation in Greer, it produced one blessing for its latest exhibit, according to operations director Neil Baer.

The owner of an extremely rare 1930 DA2 Cabriolet, owned by Colleen Sheehan of Costa Mesa, Calif., had planned to show off her prized car at a summer wedding.

But the wedding was postponed due to COVID-19. So Sheehan allowed the car club to be among the 20 cars and four motorcycles showcased in the recently opened Genesis exhibit, toured as the most comprehensive collection of early BMWs ever seen in North America.

“It’s fascinating to look at the cars,” Baer said. “Stylistically, they’re gorgeous — works of art. I find it fascinating that some are still in existence.”

The 9,000-square-foot exhibition is in

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Youngsters Convert Old Maruti 800 Into A Custom Motorcycle

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Maruti 800 based custom motorcycle feature

This motorcycle has been built by two college students, using parts from different old cars and motorcycles

From Dalgona coffee to Binod, a lot of things have managed to trend in India within just a few months. People have been surprisingly active during the lockdown, spending time either pursuing old hobbies or beginning new ones. How about building your own motorcycle, that too from pieces of other motorcycles and cars? Well, two young men from Punjab thought that would be the perfect way to spend their lockdown.

Davinder Singh and Harsimran Singh, aged 20 and 17, respectively, are two young men hailing from Gehlan, a small village in Jalandhar, Punjab. Both boys are currently pursuing their undergraduate studies. Harsimran had an old Maruti 800 at home, which belonged to his father. The vehicle wasn’t in a great condition, and selling it wouldn’t have fetched him decent money.

After a bit

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