how to stay safe as UK cycle sales soar

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<span>Photograph: DWD-photo/Alamy</span>
Photograph: DWD-photo/Alamy

The coronavirus crisis has resulted in Britons buying bikes in huge numbers, but in tandem with increased sales has come an epidemic of theft. Insurers are warning that claims have leapt by 46% in the past seven weeks compared with last year.

In April, at the height of lockdown, the number of bikes sold rose by 60%. The biggest change was in those valued at £400 to £1,000, sales of which doubled.

So what can you do to protect your bike?

Buy a good lock

The industry’s rule of thumb is to buy a lock for a price equal to 10% to 20% of the bike’s cost. Thieves are lazy and mostly target cheap locks.

In its guide to protecting your bike, the insurer Admiral cites the Kryptonite New York M18 U-lock as being good quality. It costs £82.99 at Add a cable for another tenner, so

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Is It Smart To Buy a Used Car During the Pandemic? Here’s What Experts Say

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In April, Bloomberg reported that a used car price collapse was imminent as a result of factory shutdowns and decreased new-vehicle demand. Additionally, as rental car companies like Hertz, Avis and Enterprise were looking to sell-off their fleets after being hit by hard financial times, an influx of used cars on the market could drive prices down even further.

Did Bloomberg’s predictions come to fruition? And even if prices are low, is it safe to buy a used car in the middle of the pandemic? GOBankingRates spoke to car experts to find out.

Since May, Used Car Prices Have Been on the Rise

Bloomberg’s predictions did prove to be right — but you likely missed the boat on the best used car prices. If you snagged a used car back in April or May, you could have gotten a good deal. But prices have gone up since then, said Joe

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