1972 Porsche 914 Is the Cheap Way into the World of Sports Cars

Porsche managed to do this thanks to the quality and performance of the cars it made and makes. Sure, like anything in life, cars have both fans and detractors, but in Porsche’s case the general feeling is that the former side is more numerous than the latter.

And that means that typically a Porsche is not a subject of debate, except for the 914.

The model was a meteoric appearance in the Porsche lineup, having been produced from 1969 to 1976. It was a collaborative effort of Porsche and Volkswagen, and quickly became a dream car for some, thanks to things like its handling, and an embarrassment for others, because it was in essence more of a VW than a Porsche.

Despite the rather limited time in production, there are plenty of 914s to go around today. But unlike most other old Porsches out there, it is definitely on the cheap side. Or, depending on the perspective, the cheap way into the sports car segment.

And this 1972 Porsche 914 is just that. At just $13,500 (this is for how much this 914 went for in a recent online auction), and with everything in working order, it is the perfect autumn gift for someone in need of a distraction.

The 1.7-liter air-cooled flat-four good for 85 hp has around 67,000 miles on it (108,000 km), and has been tweaked with new injectors, an electronic ignition system, and exhaust.

The body is in a fairly good condition, sporting a refinished Irish Green over a reproduction of the factory black leather seating. All gauges are in working order, and the car comes with a four-speaker aftermarket stereo, USB input and CD player.

Compared to a $170k 356, this 914 is certainly a bargain, but a Porsche nonetheless, and we expect to see it once again on the market in either the same form, or modified to the teeth.

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