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The hobby of car restoration began in earnest in the 1930s, but its largest expansion period was in the 1950s and 1960s. Car restoration is different from merely “fixing up old cars”. It typically entails taking an old car apart, cleaning, fixing or replacing parts, and putting it back together with the idea of making it the same as, or sometimes better than, it was when it came off the production line. There is decidedly a lot more to car restoration than that involved in just fixing up old cars.

Here you will find solid, in-depth articles dealing with all aspects of the DIY classic car restoration hobby. Everything from Auto Theory to Troubleshooting Guides is presented as easy-to-read, concise articles. Over 600 car restoration articles are available so that you can learn to restore your own cars, add to your appreciation of Classic Cars, and generally make your interest in the old car hobby more fun.

Latest Articles

Design and Construction of a Headliner for your Classic Car

Car Restoration How To – By Chris Wantuck

Reconstructing the headliner in an old car can seem like a daunting process. Here’s how it’s done… …keep reading

Putting the body back on a 1948 Chrysler - a scary task goes very well

Feature Articles – By John Gunnell

As always, it’s easy to take a car apart… it’s a totally different thing to put it back together again. …keep reading

1957 Ford High Idle Speed

Factory Fixes

Some 1957 Fords equipped with 4 barrel carburetors had difficulty with idle speed. Here’s a fix. …keep reading

Simple Speedometer Check

Feature Articles

Through the years, speedometers, more-or-less, have been accurate. Our emphasis here is on the “more-or-less” part. …keep reading

How to Install Linoleum Flooring in Classic Cars

Car Restoration How To – By Chris Wantuck

Cars didn’t always come with plush carpeting. Back in the day, touring cars often came with linoleum floors. That’s right, linoleum! See how to install the linoleum floors into these older cars. …keep reading

1954 Star Chief put Pontiac in the luxury car market

Auto Biography – By John Gunnell

Pontiac wanted to be a bit more up-scale, so in 1954 they introduced the Star Chief. …keep reading

Classic Car Auto Upholstery Series Part 3: Creating a Tonneau Cover for a Pick Up Truck

Car Restoration How To – By Chris Wantuck

In Part 3 of this series on Auto Upholstery for the Beginner, we’ll take on a simple project, making a Tonneau cover for a pick up truck. This will include simple top stitching and use of the binding attachment. …keep reading

Classic Car Auto Upholstery Series Part 2: Seams and Sewing Machine Accessories

Car Restoration How To – By Chris Wantuck

In Part 2 of this series on Auto Upholstery for the Beginner, we’ll cover seams and some attachments used on a sewing machine. After you have mastered joining seams, you’ll begin to see how simple projects can be made. …keep reading

1959 Edsel Governor Position

Factory Fixes

The position of the governor assembly in the 1959 Edsel is critical for a properly shifting transmission …keep reading

Triumph TR6: Roadworthy Roadster for the 1970s

Auto Biography – By John Gunnell

Introduced in September of 1968 as a 1969 model, the TR6 was anxiously awaited by Triumph enthusiasts. …keep reading

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