Could Coronavirus Spur Massachusetts To Transform Its Transportation System?

The great pandemic of 2020 may be a steep slide for our economy, but some see it as an unprecedented opportunity to radically transform our aging transit infrastructure and lead to a less car-centric 21st century.

At an online forum hosted by Liveable Streets and Transportation for Massachusetts, Congresswoman Katherine Clark used a phrase from the Depression era to describe what needs to be done to fix the state’s long-neglected transportation system.

“All these areas that are under-funded,” she said, “I hope we can be more in the ‘New Deal’ mindset when we finally get back to legislating around these bigger areas.”

As FDR responded to the Great Depression by pumping federal dollars into the economy for public works projects and jobs, Clark said she thinks it’s time to do the same now.

“This would be a very good time to make the kind of investment — and the size

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