Edmunds validates Tesla Model Y’s mainstream potential: ‘an extremely compelling vehicle’

The Tesla Model Y is already undergoing its first ramp, with deliveries beginning despite the coronavirus pandemic. Amidst the Model Y’s ramp, automotive firm Edmunds has validated the vehicle’s mainstream appeal, stating that the all-electric crossover will likely be “extremely compelling” for many buyers. 

Echoing much of its initial observations about the Model Y, the automotive firm summarized the vehicle as a combination of performance, price, and lots of technology, which gives the crossover a lot of value. That being said, Edmunds did take away some points from the Model Y due to its lack of interior “richness” and its rear visibility, which has areas of improvement.

And this, in a lot of ways, will be a good combination that will give the Model Y the potential to break into the mainstream auto market. Tesla has long been competing in the premium/luxury segment, and for the most part, it has

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Tesla Model Y Is ‘An Extremely Compelling Vehicle’ For Many People

Not long ago, we alerted you that Edmunds took ownership of its long-term Tesla Model Y. The publication produced a video of its initial impressions and made us aware that they’d soon have much more to share about the new Tesla crossover. In addition, Edmunds’ official Model Y written review is online.

Since then, Edmunds has had more time with the car. which is a dual-motor all-wheel-drive Performance version with the Performance Upgrade package, as well as Full Self-Driving capability. Apparently, its team is quite impressed. So much so that it tweeted that the Model Y is going to be “extremely compelling” for a lot of people.

Why? Because of its winning combination of performance, price, and technology. Edmunds did, however, wish for more interior “richness” and better rear visibility.


We’d also like to point out that Edmunds made an important correction to its initial review. In that video, it

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The Tesla Model Y Is Not An Off-Road Vehicle No Matter How Badly You May Want It To Be

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

The Tesla Model Y is taller and has more ground clearance than the Model 3 on which it based, it has an “Off-Road Assist” feature, and Tesla even says on its website that the car is “capable in rain, snow, mud and off-road.” But the Model Y is pretty obviously not an off-road beast—something that’s worth pointing out after a Twitter user posted a video of his Y doing some of the tamest “off-roading” many have ever seen.

The inspiration for this article was this recent video from Twitter user Mike McGinnis showing his Model Y driving through a shallow creek:

“Took our @Tesla #ModelY off road today!” he exclaims in his post, in which he tagged—of course—Elon Musk. I will note that I appreciate anyone’s enthusiasm for their vehicle and I can respect anyone who decides to venture off the pavement. With

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GM ‘Came Out Swinging’ Against Tesla With Its Electric-Vehicle Technology

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The General Motors logo

Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

General Motors
has big electric-vehicle ambitions, and Wall Street appears to be impressed.

“GM comes out swinging against Tesla,” Wedbush analyst Dan Ives wrote in a Wednesday evening research report, following the company’s electric-vehicle technology presentation near Detroit earlier in the day.

Ives covers
(ticker: TSLA) stock but not General Motors (GM). He was interested in what the state of EV technology is at a traditional auto maker that predominantly builds gasoline-powered vehicles. “We believe the event was a clear shot across the bow against [Elon] Musk and Tesla, which continues to lead the EV landscape by a clear margin.”

Even though Ives thinks Tesla is in the lead, he said Musk’s company has to take GM “seriously in this EV arms race.”

GM CEO Mary Barra said Wednesday that “from 2020 to 2025, we will allocate more

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