Automotive Analytics and Attribution Summit

The Automotive Analytics & Attribution Summit (AAAS) is laser focused on automotive online marketing, Google Analytics insights, marketing attribution to a sale, digital retailing, and advanced customer communications.  Auto dealers and manufacturers invest heavily in online advertising, yet few standards exist for tracking consumer influence, engagement, and conversion. The auto industry and their advertising partners must work closer together to determine the influences that result in a sale.

For 2019, we have expanded the content and exhibit hall to cover Digital Retailing; a move to allow consumers to Digitally Time Shift their buying process to include shopping and purchasing from  home, office, and in the showroom. We have attracted the top companies to showcase their solutions as well as dealers who have transformed the retail sales process.

Conference agenda includes the popular digital retailing face-off and active discussions on artificial intelligence, marketing automation, conversational e-commerce, artificial intelligence, marketing automation, and

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Future of the Car Summit 2020

It is a challenging time for automotive industry executives. It is also an exciting one.

The global car industry is experiencing massive upheaval and uncertainty. A powerful set of forces are converging. New players are turning traditional business models upside-down. New technologies with far-reaching implications are cresting the hill. A sea-change in consumer behaviour is shaking-up and disorientating a sector once used to calling all the shots.

Individually, these forces present a real danger to businesses that don’t respond appropriately. Combined, they present a very serious threat indeed. But if properly harnessed, they have the potential to deliver big rewards.

Automotive manufacturers are working hard to get it right. They are embracing innovation and digital transformation in a bid to remain relevant. However, managing risk is part of established car-makers’ DNA, which is a problem because innovation is associated with taking risks. And while car-makers are putting in place strategic

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