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My blog posts always try to impart something interesting or humorous.

Look at my Mishigas Posts (Crazy things we sometimes do).
The posts sometimes talk about accidents, spills and other issues that remind us we not infallible.

Ecards – Free, No Registration Necessary
Free bicycle themed eCards for birthdays, friendship, thank you and dozens of free form options like achieving cycling goals,  sympathy for a friend in a bicycle accident, quiet moments and cards where you construct the words and thoughts.

You are not really riding you road bike. You are driving it, and there are rules of safety to follow, alone or in a group.
Riding off road, you may not have cars or traffic deal with, but there are still ways to ride safely and courteously.
Look up the specific rules of the

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Walking is something many of us do when moving from place to place. Actually, we do not even realize how healthy this practice is. In fact, walking is one of the simplest exercises that exist. It activates many chemical and physical processes in our body that improve our health.

When you walk, you strengthen your joints and bones. In addition, it stimulates your metabolism, which means that you burn more calories.

That’s why we recommend walking for at least 30 minutes a day, especially if you do not do any other physical exercise.

Before you start an active ‘walking lifestyle’ – here are some products you should consider buying.

1 – A carry on water bottle, as the more you walk the more you will need to quench your thirst.

2 – A hat, protect yourself by wearing a hat when walking long distances in the sun.

3 – Antiperspirant

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