A growing number of people are looking to the water to socially distance amid the coronavirus pandemic. That’s good news for the boat industry, which has seen a dramatic increase in sales. (Aug. 11)

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LOS ANGELES – Jean d’Assonville finally found the boat of his dreams, not an easy accomplishment in the middle of a pandemic. 

He bought a 50-foot sailboat, one he hopes to eventually sail around the world, and sold his 28-footer at a time when a red-hot market for just about everything that floats is making purchasers’ pickings far slimmer than usual.

“With the whole pandemic and lots of sales going on, I feel very lucky,” said d’Assonville, of Altadena, California. “Everyone is buying boats.”

Everyone, indeed. Families have shunned airlines, hotels, cruises and other crowded vacation options this summer. Instead, they have opted for more personal transportation choices that make it easier to