Vehicle Permits

putri titian

Important aspects to keep in mind for the temporary importation of a

a)  A
temporary import is only possible for one vehicle at a time.

Except an RV towing a vehicle can both be registered by the
same person.  This does not apply to pickup campers.

The maximum load capacity for a temporary vehicle import is 3.5
tons, not including the weight of the vehicle.


 You may tow
with your vehicle one to three off-road motorcycles, beach cars or dune
buggies, or four-wheel motorcycles or ATVs, equivalent to the number
of people traveling inside the vehicle. You must be able to provide
proof of ownership for the vehicles being transported and they must
be returned along with the towing or transporting vehicle.

Street-legal vehicles are not allowed under this provision. 
Special permits are available for towing street-legal motorcycles
for sporting events.  Contact Banjercito for details via the

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