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Former Port Talbot steelworker who loved taking part in sport killed when his bicycle collided with a car

A retired steelworker and dad described as a “well-known character” died when his bicycle collided with a car.

Philip Bamsey, known as Phil, died following the crash which happened in Afan Way, Port Talbot, at around 2pm on Wednesday, April 15.

The 67-year-old had worked at the steelworks in Port Talbot as a metallurgist from the age of 17 until he was aged 60.

He has left behind his wife Jan and his son Chris, as well as his siblings Diane, Ken, Dennis, Robert and Malcolm. Sadly his younger sister Elaine died two years ago.

His family have described Mr Bamsey as a “well-known character” who would “take the time to speak with anyone”.

In a tribute they said: “Phil had a love for all sports and in particular running, having been a member of the Neath Harriers club for many years.

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Are folding bicycles a good buy?

For anyone who enjoys riding a bicycle but lacks adequate storage space, a folding bicycle may be ideal. A folding bicycle can be kept in a car trunk, so the owner can stop and enjoy a ride anytime. People living in small apartments can keep a folding bicycle tucked away in a closet, away from pathways.

Many people fear that leaving a bicycle outside invites theft, no matter how well the bike is secured. Keeping a folding bike indoors solves that problem. People living in a boat or motor home can easily get around whenever they want, yet store the bike easily in minimal space.

There are several models of folding bicycles, most of them using smaller wheels than conventional bicycles. Usually, a long seat stem allows for a height comparable to bicycles that use standard 26-inch wheels. Most models fold in the

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Part 47 – Transportation | Acquisition.GOV

      47.000 Scope of part.

      47.001 Definitions.

      47.002 Applicability.

      Subpart 47.1 – General

           47.101 Policies.

           47.102 Transportation insurance.

           47.103 Transportation Payment and Audit Regulation.

                47.103-1 General.

                47.103-2 Contract clause.

           47.104 Government rate tenders under sections 10721 and 13712 of the Interstate Commerce Act (49 U.S.C. 10721 and 13712).

                47.104-1 Government rate tender procedures.

                47.104-2 Fixed-price contracts.

                47.104-3 Cost-reimbursement contracts.

                47.104-4 Contract clauses.

                47.104-5 Citation of Government rate tenders.

           47.105 Transportation assistance.

      Subpart 47.2 – Contracts for Transportation or for Transportation-Related Services

           47.200 Scope of subpart.

           47.201 Definitions.

           47.202 Presolicitation planning.

           47.203 [Reserved]

           47.204 Single-movement contracts.

           47.205 Availability of term contracts and basic ordering agreements for transportation or for transportation-related services.

           47.206 Preparation of solicitations and contracts.

           47.207 Solicitation provisions, contract clauses, and special requirements.

                47.207-1 Qualifications of offerors.

                47.207-2 Duration of contract and time of performance.

                47.207-3 Description of shipment, origin, and destination.

                47.207-4 Determination of Weights.

                47.207-5 Contractor responsibilities.


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