2021 Lexus IS makes online debut

After being delayed Lexus has finally revealed the latest the 2021 Lexus IS virtual reveal.

Lexus International Chief Engineer Naoki Kobayashi cited that the creation of the latest IS was it excels in communicating with drivers. 

“What we had foremost in mind in developing the new IS was to make it a car that excelled in communicating with the driver regardless of the road conditions or driving situation,” Kobayashi said.

“We aimed to make the new IS a Lexus compact sports sedan that provides high-quality riding comfort while offering a high level of vehicle control.”

From the outside, the Lexus IS striking. With its bold styling and its sharp, angular profiles, the IS a stunning addition to the Lexus lineup. From the front, you will be greeted with the signature Lexus Spindle grille, framed by two redesigned LED headlights.

Turning to the side, the IS’s contoured body lines give it

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Car-buying in the coronavirus era is moving online, but traditional dealerships aren’t going away any time soon

A car buyer shops for a vehicle in New Jersey after the state began to re-open.
A car buyer shops for a vehicle in New Jersey after the state began to re-open.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered car dealers’ showrooms nationwide and compelled automakers and dealerships to pursue online transactions.

  • The auto industry has experimented with no-dealership deals for years, but progress has been halting, even as some digitally savvy consumers ask why they can’t buy cars the same way they buy many other things.

  • Some consumers have discovered that an all-digital transaction is not only possible, but preferable.

  • But Jeremy Anspach, CEO of PureCars, an information resource for dealers, said that the traditional dealership model isn’t going to be wiped out by COVID-19, but it might be modified.

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Jeffery Cecchini is no stranger to buying and leasing cars.

The Oregon native has done, by his own account, 12 deals in 12 years. He is, in

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The Best Commuter Bikes To Buy Online (While They’re Still In Stock)

Back in March, puzzles took on an unexpected allure (becoming nearly as hard to find as toilet paper) when we were all suddenly asked to stay home. And now, as states begin to lift restrictions and non-essential workers head back to work, we’re starting to see a similar shopping trend with bikes.

Getting out of the house while avoiding public transportation, and, for some people, getting to work with minimal contact, is now affording bike riding a refreshed appeal. The classic alternative commuting vehicle provides a huge level of freedom of movement while still maintaining socially-distant safety precautions. This means that if you’ve been thinking about investing in a bike, even if you aren’t going back into your office for a few months, now is a great time to pull the purchase trigger. Not only will you be able to rely on it for weekend adventures and errands, but you’ll

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A 2003 Ferrari sold for $2.6 million at auction, setting a record for the most expensive car ever sold online

2003 Ferrari Enzo.
2003 Ferrari Enzo.

Karissa Hosek/Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

  • A Ferrari Enzo was part of RM Sotheby’s Driving into Summer online-only auction.

  • It sold for $2.6 million.

  • RM Sotheby’s says it is the “most valuable car sold in a dedicated online-only collector car auction to date.”

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A 2003 Ferrari Enzo was up for auction as part of RM Sotheby’s Online Only: Driving into Summer collection. The company estimated the Enzo will go for between $2.6 to $2.9 million. It sold for $2.6 million.

That’s a hefty amount for a car no matter which way you look at it. But the Enzo isn’t just any car. It’s not even just any Ferrari, either. You needn’t look further than the fact that the company named it after its founder, Enzo Ferrari, to know that it’s something to behold. 

Ferrari produced the Enzo from 2002 to 2004.

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