newtonian mechanics – Energy conservation on cornering bicycle


The decrease in your potential energy is compensated by the increase in your rotational kinetic energy.


First let’s analyze a similar scenario in another context to build the intuition needed to understand the original problem. Imagine a horizontal rod spinning around a stationary axis and you are hanging at the farther end of the rod. Let’s say that now you want to get closer to the axis of rotation and thus you try to pull yourself closer to the axis, however you feel an opposing force, the centrifugal force (a pseudo force encountered in the rotating frame of reference whose magnitude is $momega ^2 r$). So you need to do some work against this force to get closer to the axis.

Angular Momentum

But the question arises, where does this work done go? The answer is that this work done contributes to the change in kinetic energy.

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Top 10 Car Magazines – Car and Driver, Popular Mechanics, Road & Track, Motor Trend and more

Car and Driver offers down-to-earth advice and useful reviews on the automobiles that most people own and drive today.

As the ultimate magazine for practical advice on do-it-yourself projects, Popular Mechanics also provides insight on products, technology, and modern trends in industries ranging from automotive to robotics.

For in-depth auto racing coverage, Road & Track is the perfect publication. Featuring detailed information like race statistics, in addition to interviews with racers you probably know, Road & Track is an expert source for all things related to auto racing.

Motor Trend not only discusses popular trends and reviews pertaining to modern vehicles, but news on motor sports as well. A great source for anyone in the market for new or used cars and trucks.

Of the Hemmings car magazines, Hemmings Classic Car focuses on events, people, and of course, classic American cars.

Another of Hemmings car magazines, Hemmings Motor News targets

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