Edmunds validates Tesla Model Y’s mainstream potential: ‘an extremely compelling vehicle’

The Tesla Model Y is already undergoing its first ramp, with deliveries beginning despite the coronavirus pandemic. Amidst the Model Y’s ramp, automotive firm Edmunds has validated the vehicle’s mainstream appeal, stating that the all-electric crossover will likely be “extremely compelling” for many buyers. 

Echoing much of its initial observations about the Model Y, the automotive firm summarized the vehicle as a combination of performance, price, and lots of technology, which gives the crossover a lot of value. That being said, Edmunds did take away some points from the Model Y due to its lack of interior “richness” and its rear visibility, which has areas of improvement.

And this, in a lot of ways, will be a good combination that will give the Model Y the potential to break into the mainstream auto market. Tesla has long been competing in the premium/luxury segment, and for the most part, it has

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