This Is Jeremy Clarkson’s Vehicle Of Choice For The Apocalypse

Earlier today, Jeremy Clarkson took to the internet airwaves for some trivia questions on Drivetribe’s YouTube channel. We carried the hour-long pub quiz here at, though admittedly we started to lose some interest when, about 25 minutes in, a true/false question came up asking if hair and fingernails continue to grow after you die. Really? Yeah, really.

There were some entertaining moments that were classically Clarkson, one of which came at the 34-minute mark. While answering questions from viewers, the inevitable question of apocalypse vehicles came up. What would Clarkson drive in a post-apocalyptic world? Sorry, Mad Max fans – it won’t be a V8 interceptor. Rather surprisingly, he dips into the world of Richard Hammond and chooses not a matte-black semi-truck, or an armored-up Audi, or even a Porsche 928 fitted with an oddly offensive license plate of random letters and numbers.

Instead, he picked the Bowler

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