Choosing Handlebars for Bike Touring

putri titian

Bicycle Handlebars For Touring

When you see different touring bicycles, you will notice a variety of bicycle handlebars. But which style is best for you and your tour?

Selection Criteria

So when you choose a handlebar for your bicycle, you should pay attention to a number of factors:

  • Number of different hand positions available – While touring, I prefer to switch my hand positions regularly to eliminate or reduce hand and wrist problems. If your hands stay in an unusual position for too long, the pain can be unbearable as time passes. So a bicycle handlebar with one or two hand positions may be fine for certain tours and terrain but not others. Also, certain hand positions allow more leverage for hill climbing.
  • Body posture – Different touring conditions require different body posture positions. If you are battling a head wind for hours, an upright position will just exhaust you
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