Justin Bieber’s Chrome Wrapped Car Is Like Driving a Giant Mirror

putri titian

Justin Bieber likes to do things differently and in his own voice. It’s part of the reason for his blockbuster success as a singer and songwriter. But his drive for differentiating himself transcends far beyond his music. His style and even the expensive cars he drives all have unique customization.

One of his rarest gems in the garage, Bieber had wrapped entirely in chrome. Driving this exotic ride around the city, as you can imagine, can be blinding to oncoming traffic as it resembles a giant mirror on wheels.

Justin Bieber’s fame started early

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What began as a young boy on a YouTube video quickly transitioned to incredible fame and stardom for Justin Bieber. He almost immediately landed a record deal with Usher and began cranking out Top 40 hits.

In fact,

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