Ford and Mobileye buddy up to help cars see the world better

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Fords are getting smarter.


Upcoming Ford vehicles are in for a better set of digital eyes, thanks to Intel’s Mobileye. The automaker announced Monday it will include Mobileye’s EyeQ sensors within its Co-Pilot360 suite of active safety technology and driver assist systems to make them even smarter.

The sensors will directly support features like lane-keep assist, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. Along with the sensors, Mobileye will provide its vision processing software to Ford to include on future vehicles. Together, we should see a smart suite of active safety gear from Co-Pilot360.

The relationship is a pretty big step for both Ford and Mobileye. While the two have worked together in the past, this is the first time Ford will commit to the company’s technology for an entire lifecycle

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Chinese carmaker previews Ford Bronco-esque SUV

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American motorists aren’t the only ones who fell head over heels for the new Ford Bronco. Across the Pacific, China-based Wey announced an SUV called P01 that incorporates some of the off-roader’s styling cues.

Up front, the P01 is characterized by a tall, upright grille and round lights each split by horizontal LEDs. This design solution also appears on the Bronco and the Bronco Sport, and it was leaked online in December 2019. Its fender flares are closer to the Jeep Wrangler’s than to the Bronco’s, while its rear end wears vertical lights and an external spare tire. It’s not a Xerox copy of the Bronco, but the Ford vibes are strong. It’s also reminiscent of the Jeep CJ-like Beijing Automotive Works (BAW) BJ212 introduced in 1965 and built for decades.

We don’t know if the P01 features unibody architecture, or if it gets a

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2021 Ford Bronco Is Exciting for Bronco Fans and Dealerships, and They Intend to Party

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From Car and Driver

  • The 2021 Ford Bronco unveiling, happening on Monday, July 13, at 8 p.m., will be the occasion for viewing parties around the country, both online and at dealerships.
  • Dealerships will show off vintage Broncos and serve food while customers watch the event unfold on big screens.
  • Car and Driver was assured by two dealerships we talked to that they will follow social distancing rules during the events.

The Bronco is coming. After snippets of news, copious leaks, and a barrage of tiled Instagram posts, Ford will finally show the world its updated off-road beast set to challenge the Jeep Wrangler. People are hyped and Ford is doing its best to make sure that the SUV is in our thoughts and dreams until it pulls the sheet off a Bronco during an event on Monday night starting at 8 p.m. ET.

For some dealerships and enthusiasts, this

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2021 Ford Bronco: Everything We Know

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The Bronco is back, and here’s what we know about it so far.

We are continually updating this story with the latest information on the upcoming Ford Bronco.

Fans have been waiting a while for Ford to revive its iconic Bronco nameplate. It left the market in 1996, but the Bronco never truly left the hearts of the enthusiasts who loved it. In spring 2020, we’ll see an all-new version; Ford confirmed at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show that the iconic SUV will be back on the market in just a few years. And it would be produced locally at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant. After months of delays for various reasons, the 2021 Ford Bronco will finally be revealed on July 13 via livestream.

What’s more, Ford is allegedly planning on spinning Bronco off into its own sub-brand. One teaser for the SUV featured three different iterations of the SUV

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