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The Voltron Vehicle Force (aka Voltron I and Voltron of the Near Universe) is the incarnation of Voltron composed of 3 teams of 5 all-terrain vehicles. Piloted by a multispecies team of space explorers, the Voltron Vehicle Force defends the Galaxy Garrison exploration fleet tasked with searching for new habitable planets to support an overpopulated Earth. The Drule Empire, on a similar mission, confronts the fleet at every opportunity. Can the Drules be convinced that cooperation is the best hope for both sides?

This incarnation of Voltron was adapted from the Japanese Dairugger television show. Though less successful than the Lion Force incarnation, the story and team have been further developed into more original directions in the few further expressions of the property.

As Voltron was always marketed as a single series, “Vehicle Force” is not a canonical name, but is widely-used in the fandom to distinguish this incarnation

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