33 Bicycle Flower Planters for the Garden or Yard

putri titian


Check out these 33 creative bicycle flower planters serving as bicycle sculptures in gardens and yards. Lots of fun and looks great in the right setting.

So you’re looking for ideas to spruce up your backyard and garden?

There’s no shortage of fun and creative garden ideas.

One option you have is to turn an old bicycle into a flower planter.  Doing this creates a sculpture for your garden that’s flowery, colorful and unique.  Besides, what else will you do with your used penny farthing bicycle?

A really good idea if you like the bicycle planter idea for your yard:

Instead of just one bicycle flower planter in your yard, create garden with several of all types of bicycles.  It could be a small sea of bicycle planters which I think would look great.

A few tips for making your bicycle garden as beautiful as possible:

1. Paint the bicycle(s).

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