Amaero to develop 3D printed tooling with automotive firm

putri titian

Amaero, an Australian metal additive manufacturing service provider, has signed an agreement with an unnamed automotive manufacturer to jointly develop 3D printed tooling.

Specifically, Amaero will be using its suite of metal additive manufacturing technology to create steel inserts for two aluminium casting die components. Using additive manufactured inserts for tools, according to Amaero, can potentially decrease the risk of manufacturing defects by adding conformal cooling channels to the design.

Amaero CEO Barrie Finnin, commented: “This agreement reinforces Amaero’s growth strategy in the most difficult of economic circumstances. We can print the tool steel inserts with complex internal cooling channels that presently cannot be undertaken using conventional techniques.”

Amaero’s Concept Laser XLine 1000R system. Photo via Amaero.

Origins at Monash University

Founded in 2013, Amaero is an offshoot of the Monash University Centre for Additive Manufacturing (MCAM) in Melbourne, Australia, where a majority of its activities have taken place.

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