Car cleaning tips for a showroom shine finish

putri titian

“The ultimate shampoo and set!”

For best result print these off and present a copy to your partner to follow. For our take on the best cleaning products click here.

Even the hottest car on the street looks rough when it is dirty. Here are some top cleaning tips from members gathered from hundreds of Bucket & Sponge sessions and with tips from showrooms and car exhibitors.

The following tips contain a quick (going out with parents) and showroom (car needs to look perfect) guide to cleaning your car.

TIP: Don’t clean the car on a hot sunny day – wait for the evening otherwise you will have smears all over the body work as the water dries.

The key here whilst cleaning is to avoid adding scratches to the paint work, make sure that anything that touches the paint work is free of grit and is rinsed thoroughly

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