2021 Ferrari Portofino Upgraded To Make 612 HP, EPA Filing Indicates

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There’s also an eight-speed gearbox that improves fuel economy.

The 2021 Ferrari Portofino will get a power upgrade to 612 horsepower (456 kilowatts), versus the current output of 591 hp (441 kW). It will also gain an eight-speed gearbox to replace the existing seven-speed unit. Motor Trend was first to uncover this info by digging through EPA filings.

There’s already a listing on the EPA’s fuel economy website a model with the designation 2021 Ferrari F164 BCB. To clarify this, F164 is the Prancing Horse’s internal code for the Portofino. The meaning of the BCB portion is a mystery to us.

The Pretty Portofino:

If a Ferrari making 612 hp and using an eight-speed gearbox sounds familiar it’s because the same powertrain is in the Roma coupe. The Prancing Horse’s more detailed EPA emissions filing even certifies the two vehicles in the same document.

The EPA also has a listing

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Form 2290 filing, IRS 2290 online

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