Telecommuting Breaks Transportation, Pt. 2: Downforce

This multi-part series addresses core concepts in telecommuting’s impact on transportation; concepts which have gone largely dismissed by the very experts who fund, plan, and build our nation. For more, see Part1.


For as long as automobiles have existed, they’ve been racing. And while many dismiss the sport as some barbaric fascination with speed, racers have internalized a valuable lesson about sustainability which escapes many city leaders to this day.

Racing has always been a pursuit of speed, and at first, that was understood to be top speed — reaching a peak, so to speak. But commitment to this simplistic and seemingly superficial pursuit eventually yielded counterintuitive insights which would

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Man breaks into ex-girlfriend’s Lapeer County house to take vehicle, later crashes it during police chase

ELBA TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Authorities said a man broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house in Lapeer County early Monday, took the couple’s shared vehicle and later crashed it.

The 37-year-old man is accused of breaking into the home on Georgia Drive in Elba Township at 3:34 a.m. He used to live there but moved out last fall when the pair broke up.

He attempted to take his 37-year-old ex-girlfriend’s purse, which had the keys to a 2015 White Dodge Journey inside. Officials said there was a physical altercation that started in the house and continued into the driveway.

The man is accused of hitting the garage then dragging the woman alongside the vehicle for a distance before leaving. She suffered minor injuries and did not want medical treatment.

Authorities said the vehicle was registered to both the man and woman so it was not listed as stolen, but the man had

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