Amsterdam Bicycles

Amsterdam Bicycles

(82 pictures of bicycles taken during 73 minutes on 9/12/06 in
Amsterdam, Netherlands)

This webpage, and all of
are yours to enjoy.  Feel free to use any
pictures found here for any purpose you like, with or without credit.  I
grant you full rights, for free, forever, to do anything you want, including
redistribute the pictures with or without any credit to me.  This isn’t my
job, it’s just my vacation website.  Enjoy!

Background & Explanation:

I stopped in Amsterdam, Netherlands on my way back from a
During a 73 minute period on 9/12/06 at one corner of Nieuw Markt (a nice open
square in Amsterdam), I took the following 82 pictures of bicycles.  Why? 
Because sitting there I noticed how remarkably different the whole Amsterdam bicycle scene
was from my home, and at the same time certain very clear “Amsterdam Bicycle Trends” appeared I thought

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