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Is your car’s Check Engine Light on? Do you want to repair your car yourself rather than take it into the shop? Are you a shadetree mechanic (DIY)? If so, then this site is for you! This site is the premier OBD-II ( a.k.a. OBD2 ) trouble codes resource site. […]

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Is your car’s Check Engine Light on? Do you want to repair
your car yourself rather than take it into the shop? Are you a shadetree mechanic
(DIY)? If so, then this site is for you!

This site is the premier OBD-II ( a.k.a. OBD2 ) trouble codes resource site.
Instead of just giving you a cryptic description of what a trouble code means,
we offer a lot more information on trouble codes: troubleshooting tips, symptoms,
and possible solutions. We strive to give you the most troubleshooting information
as possible, in one site. We also feature car repair forums,
where you can ask questions, totally free.

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Recently added or updated trouble code articles:

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  • Mar 8/19 – P0880, P0881, P0882, P0883, P0884, P0885, P0886, P0887, P0888, P0889, P0890, P0891, P0892
  • Mar 7/19 – P0863, P0864, P0865, P0866
  • Feb 6/19 – P2336, P2337, P2338, P2339, P2340, P2341, P2342, P2343, P2344, P2345, P2346, P2347
  • Feb 5/19 – P2300, P2301, P2302, P2303, P2304, P2305, P2306, P2307, P2308, P2309, P2310, P2311, P2312, P2313, P2314, P2315, P2316, P2317, P2318, P2319, P2320, P2321, P2322, P2323, P2324, P2325, P2326, P2327, P2328, P2329, P2330, P2331, P2332, P2333, P2334, P2335
  • Jan 5/19 – P228A, P228B, P228C, P228D, P228E, P228F, P229A, P229B, P229C, P229D
  • Dec 21/18 – P2288, P2289, P2290, P2291, P2292
  • Oct 19/18 – P2243, P2244, P2245, P2246, P2247, P2248, P2249, P2250, P2257, P2258, P2259, P2260
  • Sept 16/18 – P206E, P206F, P2070, P2071
  • Sept 11/18 – P204F, P205F, P2059, P2060, P2061, P2062, P2063, P2064
  • Aug 20/18 – P204A, P204B, P204C, P204D, P204E, P219C, P219D, P219E, P219F
  • Aug 13/18 – P2042, P2043, P2044, P2045, P2046, P205A, P205B, P205C, P205D, P205E
  • Aug 12/18 – P2037, P2038, P2039, P2040, P2041, P209A, P209B, P209C, P209D, P209E, P20E6, P20E7
  • Aug 3/18 – P2029, P2030, P202A, P202B, P202C, P202D, P202F
  • Jul 25/18 – P0817, P0818, P0819, P081A, P081B, P081C, P081D, P081E
  • Jul 5/18 – P0814, P0815, P0816
  • Jul 2/18 – P201A, P202E, P20F6, P20F7
  • Jun 26/18 – P0812, P0813
  • Jun 20/18 – P0803, P0804, P0810, P0811
  • Jun 11/18 – P0800, P0801, P0802
  • May 31/18 – P0893, P0894, P0895, P0896
  • May 24/18 – Updated privacy policy
  • May 10/18 – P2280, P2281, P2282
  • May 1/18 – P20D7, P20D8, P20D9, P20DA, P20DB, P20DC
  • Apr 28/18 – P20DD, P20DE, P20DF, P20E0, P20E1
  • Apr 26/18 – P20CB, P20CC, P20CD, P20CE, P20CF, P20D0, P20D1, P20D2, P20D3, P20D4, P20D5, P20D6
  • Apr 17/18 – P2047, P2048, P2049, P2050, P2051, P2052, P2053, P2054, P2055, P2056, P2057, P2058
  • Apr 13/18 – P20B9, P20BA, P20BB, P20BC, P20BD, P20BE, P20BF, P20C0, P20C1, P20C2, P20C3, P20C4, P20C5, P20C6, P20C7, P20C8
  • Apr 9/18 – P200C, P200D, P200E, P200F
  • Mar 31/18 – P2251, P2252, P2253, P2254, P2255, P2256
  • Mar 29/18 – P2231, P2232, P2233, P2234, P2235, P2236, P2237, P2238, P2239, P2240, P2241, P2242
  • Mar 28/18 – P200A, P200B, P2425, P2426, P2427, P2271, P2273, P2274, P2275, P2276, P2277
  • Mar 23/18 – P20EC, P20ED, P20EE, P20EF, P20F0, P20F1, P20F2, P20F3
  • Mar 15/18 – P0AFD, P0A7E, P0AFC
  • Mar 12/18 – P2A01, P2A02, P2A04, P2A05
  • Mar 10/18 – P0A7F
  • Mar 7/18 – P219A, P219B
  • Mar 6/18 – P0A7D
  • Feb 19/18 – P245A, P245B, P245C, P245D
  • Feb 18/18 – P2556, P2557, P2558, P2559, P2560, P260A, P260B, P260C, P260D, P253F
  • Feb 17/18 – P06AF, P06B0, P06B1, P06B2, P06B3, P06B4, P06B5, P253A, P253B, P253C, P253D, P253E, P254A, P254B, P254C, P254D, P254E, P255A, P255B, P255C, P255D, P255E codes added
  • Jan 24/18 – P069E, P069F
  • Jan 9/18 – P068A, P068B, P0688, P0689, P0690
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Recent OBD-II Forum Discussions

  • fault codes U0100 C2123 C2124
    how do i fix these…
  • P0606 code
    There was no codes on my truck until I started running tests with Zurich ZR15, then I get this code, but My truck also runs a Banks 6-gun tuner, that was unplugged due to plugging in code re…
  • Need help Honda Civic P0336
    I have a 2003 Civic LX 1.7l engine. It has a PO336 code. I changed to crank sensor and pig tail but engine light still codes on with same code. I check the voltage at the pig tail and have …
  • Volvo P0380 Code
    Hi, I have a Volvo V50, 2.0l diesel, 2006. The car is very lumpy when turning over. PO380 Has anyone experienced the same? Am in need of some help. Thank you….
  • Ford mondeo fault code P00BD:64-AF
    I have a fault code on a 2014 Mondeo for the MAF sensor air flow too high. I can read the temperature from the sensor and it’s seems about right. I can also read the air flow but not sure wh…
  • 2015 F-350 OBD Code P04DB ?
    My F-350 just threw this code 2 days ago. AutoZone thinks its related to the PVC system. Any ideas out there? She seems to run fine.
    Ken Blitchington
    [email protected]
  • Mitsubishi shut off while driving P0137, P0141
    the car , Mitsubishi Montero Limited 2003, 170000miles
    keep shutting off while im driving , put on neutral and start again,
    i have to keep the gaz pedal un to maintain the RPM
    i gt the cod…
  • 2006 Taurus P0351 need help!
    I have an 06 Taurus with a vulcan 3.0L with about 120000 miles on it. A couple weeks ago it started to misfire and it came up with a P0302, P0351 code. Idle is not the best. I changed the co…
  • Help with my car Fiat Fiorino P0881 and P1810
    I have a fiat fiorino and the automatic transmission is stuck in neutral. And you can’t put it in any gear. When I connected a obd I got a error cod -> P0881 and -> P1810, how ca I…
  • 06 Toyota Prius code P0A80
    The engine light went on after I loaded two 50 pound bags of salt in the trunk on the right side. At home I used the device to learn that the Code was P0A80. My question is: could this hav…
  • Ignition Misfire Sensor for 2004 Hyundai Sonata GLS w/ V6
    hi can anyone help me with this,, i have a 2004 Hyundai Sonata GLS w/ V6 2.7L it has a misfire codes Po300, po302 ,304 ,306 i replace the spark plugs, the wires all 3 coil packs the crank se…
  • Repair p062d Ford Ranger
    Dtc p 062d ford renger 2.2 ,6speed
    We alredy change wirring harnes,change injector.
    But engine still can’t running,
    Help me for solution.how to programing ecu ….

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