CA Cities Are Tracking Location Data From E-Bikes And Scooters

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By Jacqui Irwin and Buffy Wicks, Special to CalMatters:

Los Angeles and other California cities are requiring rented mobility devices – e-bikes and e-scooters – to share real-time location data with government agencies.

A trip to the grocery store, a long bike ride through a park, a stroll through our neighborhoods. These are the precious trips we have all come to look forward to during the recent stay-at-home orders.

These moments – like our pre-pandemic trips to work, school and restaurants – paint an intimate portrait of our daily lives. And this is precisely the information that the government wants to collect from you.

A world where you know where a person begins and ends a journey, the route they took to get there and the time they arrived, can seem intrusive when applied to a child being watched by a parent, but is altogether bone-chilling when applied to Californians

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Wilmington to focus on roadway projects next 25 years – News – Wilmington Star News

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Cape Fear Moving Forward 2045 prioritizes roadway, aviation and public transportation projects

In the coming years, the Wilmington region could see more funding for roadway projects than any other mode of transportation.

According to a draft of the region’s transportation plan, Cape Fear Moving Forward 2045, roadway, aviation and public transportation projects are the highest funded expenditures, accounting for $4.9 billion.

The top five roadway projects included in the plan are:

Hampstead bypass
N.C. 133 / Castle Hayne Road widening
Oleander Drive and College Road interchange
Front Street widening
Carolina Beach Road upgrade

But despite this, public transportation projects saw a 65% decrease in funding compared to the current plan, Cape Fear Transportation 2040, which is expiring in November.

“We would love to see more money coming into our region over the next 25 years for alternative modes of transportation (such as) public transportation, walking, biking, but we just currently

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OPINION, Women United chair: Transportation is more than a ride – Opinion – Savannah Morning News

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Three-and-a-half hours. That’s how long I sat in my idling car snaking through the parking lot to get my COVID-19 test, with hundreds of fellow Savannahians in their idling cars. Frustrated, grumpy, and thankfully coronavirus-free, I bemoaned the state of health care in Georgia. But at least I could access it.

To get my COVID-19 test, I had the privilege of filling up my reliable car with a full tank of gas, driving 20 minutes across the county, and burning through fuel to get a swab up my nose. Many in our community, however, have no such luxury. As with many things in this pandemic world, disparities in transportation have been magnified in this time of crisis, with a grossly disparate impact on Black and brown people, single mothers and under- or unemployed individuals.

WOMEN UNITED was founded 11 years ago to address specifically the lack of access to transportation

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In transportation, China leads the world

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Which is the number one country in the world for transportation?  Certainly not the United States.  Not even countries in the EU.  No, you have to look farther east, as Marco Polo did in 1271, to find the future… in China.

Jim Cameron

I’m so tired of ignorant Americans chanting “we’re number one,” when we are not.  Not in healthcare, education and clearly not when it comes to using transportation to bolster our world trade.

Compare our crumbling interstate highway system, much of it built during the Eisenhower administration, to China’s superhighways, twice the mileage of our own.

Or look at our decaying railroads versus the 15,000 miles of high speed rail on the Chinese mainland, making Amtrak’s Acela look like a toy train (145 mph vs. 220 mph, one train for 300 passengers per hour vs. China’s 1,000 passenger trains departing every 15 minutes).

We keep hearing of the

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