In transportation, China leads the world

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Which is the number one country in the world for transportation?  Certainly not the United States.  Not even countries in the EU.  No, you have to look farther east, as Marco Polo did in 1271, to find the future… in China.

Jim Cameron

I’m so tired of ignorant Americans chanting “we’re number one,” when we are not.  Not in healthcare, education and clearly not when it comes to using transportation to bolster our world trade.

Compare our crumbling interstate highway system, much of it built during the Eisenhower administration, to China’s superhighways, twice the mileage of our own.

Or look at our decaying railroads versus the 15,000 miles of high speed rail on the Chinese mainland, making Amtrak’s Acela look like a toy train (145 mph vs. 220 mph, one train for 300 passengers per hour vs. China’s 1,000 passenger trains departing every 15 minutes).

We keep hearing of the

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Cybellum Closes $12M in Series A Funding to Redefine Automotive Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

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TEL AVIV, Israel, July 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Cybellum, a leader in Automotive Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, today announced a $12 million round A funding, bringing total investment in the company to $15 million.

The financing round was led by RSBG Ventures GmbH with additional investment from Cybellum existing investors, Blumberg Capital and Target Global.

The funding was driven by investors’ excitement over customer and partners engagements, resulting from Cybellum’s unique automotive cyber risk assessment technology. The investment will enable Cybellum to accelerate its strong growth through expanded sales, marketing, and engineering programs. Additionally, it will enable the adoption of Cybellum’s Risk Assessment platform and Digital Twin approach by more industries, enabling them to scale vulnerability management operations.

Introduced by co-founders Michael Engstler and Slava Bronfman in 2018, Cybellum’s Automotive Risk Assessment helps the automotive supply chain to keep its promise to the customer – that every single car

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Coronavirus: Six ways Covid-19 will change transport across the world

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The Covid-19 pandemic will transform transportation around the world, according to a new report.

There will be an increased use of bicycles and scooters as people seek to avoid congestion as well as a significant reduction in rush hour traffic.

People will likely work from home a lot more as well, the study from the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) said, which will mean smaller crowds on public transport.

The National takes a look at how the coronavirus crisis will permanently change how we commute.

How will the pandemic affect individual transport habits?

The UITP predicts there will be an increase in the use of cars and bicycles and more people will opt to walk to avoid crowded public transport amid physical distancing and hygiene concerns.

“Biking and walking are encouraged by many public authorities through the creation of new ‘green zones’, cycle lanes and pedestrian areas,” the report

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Justin Bieber’s Chrome Wrapped Car Is Like Driving a Giant Mirror

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Justin Bieber likes to do things differently and in his own voice. It’s part of the reason for his blockbuster success as a singer and songwriter. But his drive for differentiating himself transcends far beyond his music. His style and even the expensive cars he drives all have unique customization.

One of his rarest gems in the garage, Bieber had wrapped entirely in chrome. Driving this exotic ride around the city, as you can imagine, can be blinding to oncoming traffic as it resembles a giant mirror on wheels.

Justin Bieber’s fame started early

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What began as a young boy on a YouTube video quickly transitioned to incredible fame and stardom for Justin Bieber. He almost immediately landed a record deal with Usher and began cranking out Top 40 hits.

In fact,

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