Watch Ken Block tear it up in an all-electric Rallycross car

putri titian

Ken Block and exuberant driving go together like coffee and cream, cheese and wine, or Jack and coke.

Usually his flamboyant gymkhana runs feature the soundtrack from a crazy powerful combustion engine that sings a roaring overture as he threads his way round a racetrack with pinpoint precision. Times are changing, and the days of exhaust noise are numbered.

Motorsports are capitalizing on the rising interest in electric vehicles, and are moving to electrify their race series. Meaning drivers like Block have to get their head around these new types of vehicle, and we’ll hear totally new sounds during races.

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In a video posted to his YouTube channel last week, Block went to Sweden to put an all-electric Ford Fiesta ERX, built by Austrian automotive R&D firm Stard, through its paces.

Block’s four-word review: “a whole

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