Day: June 17, 2020

Waiting to buy that hot new 2020 mid-engine Corvette? Keep waiting.

Some Corvette fans awaiting the arrival of their pre-ordered mid-engine 2020 Stingrays will likely be disappointed.

 “We are not going to build all of the 2020 orders,” GM spokesman Kevin Kelly said, adding that GM would work with affected customers and dealers to offer a 2021 option.

Blame it on the coronavirus pandemic causing GM to shut down its U.S. plants for nearly seven weeks. Then, there are subsequent parts supplier complications too, Kelly said. The complexity of ramping up production prevents GM from even guessing how many of the sports cars it will be able to build this year.

GM had 20,181 orders through May 1, Kelly said. In the first quarter, the company reported selling 3,820 Corvettes. Kelly said most were the new 2020 model. 

“We’ve had an enormous demand for this vehicle and we had that work stoppage and we have suppliers trying to come up to

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Ten-year-old boy seen hiding from passing police car ‘because they killed George Floyd’

A 10-year-old boy who stopped playing basketball when police passed his home told his dad he did so because “they killed George Floyd”.

Eliah was seen hiding from the patrol car on a video-link watched by his father, Connecticut salesman Stacey Pierre-Louis, who was at work.

In an Instagram post that has been widely shared online, Mr Pierre-Louis asked: “Why does he feel like he has to hide when he isn’t doing anything wrong?”

He said that he was unsure about posting the video, and wrote: “I live in an affluent neighbourhood in Trumbull with a really good school system. This kid has all the opportunity to do/be whatever he wants unlike many kids who look like him because resources aren’t made available.” Why does he feel like he has to hide when he isn’t doing anything wrong?”

The dad also wrote that he wasn’t sure “what to say to

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