Day: March 30, 2020

KWM | Automotive

Our lawyers’ expertise drives the automotive industry

As an automotive sector client, you can find all the legal services you need at King & Wood Mallesons. Many of our lawyers have worked for automotive sector companies, giving them a better understanding of your business.

We have specialist automotive sector expertise across our corporate, intellectual property, competition, contract, commercial and finance law teams. This is why some of the biggest and most innovative names in the business choose us to advise them on matters of law affecting the automotive industry.

Essential Asian and European experience

Our strong Asian practice gives us the expertise and cultural understanding needed to handle matters involving Chinese companies. Just recently, for example, we advised Daimler AG and Daimler Northeast Asia on the acquisition of a RMB 5.13 billion stake in Beijing Automotive Group.

Our enhanced international platform continues to unlock opportunities for clients across the King

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RTC: Home Page

Regional Transportation Planning, Research, Investment Strategies, and Funding.

2019 Annual Report on RTC’s Operations and Technology Program

The program known as Vancouver Area Smart Trek (VAST) is a partnership of transportation agencies in the Clark County region established to improve transportation system operations and performance through the use of smart technology and the system and communications infrastructure needed to support it. The VAST agencies, made up of WSDOT, Clark County, City of Vancouver, C-TRAN, and RTC collaborate on signal systems, freeway and arterial management, traveler information, and transit signal priority projects. Investments on operational and technology projects have been a small, but effective part of the overall transportation funding program.
The annual report summarizes key 2019 accomplishments and recurring, recent and upcoming activities of the program.

Board Awards $14.2 million to Fund Critical Projects

On October 1, the RTC Board selected 15 projects
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Vehicle simulator script –

  • — Made by Tokumei/Aresuu

  • — Join this group

  • — Instances:

  • local VehicleSimulator =“ScreenGui”)

  • local VSV1 =“Frame”)

  • local GiveAllPerks =“TextButton”)

  • local SuperCar =“TextButton”)

  • local CrateESP =“TextButton”)

  • local Speed =“TextButton”)

  • local SpeedBind =“TextBox”)

  • local Torque =“TextButton”)

  • local Torquet =“TextBox”)

  • local NitroSpeed =“TextButton”)

  • local NST =“TextBox”)

  • local Title =“TextLabel”)

  • local TeleportLT =“TextButton”)

  • local TeleportToCar =“TextButton”)

  • local MadebyTokumeiAresuu =“TextLabel”)

  • local CreditOwners =“TextLabel”)

  • local NitroForce =“TextButton”)

  • local NFT =“TextBox”)

  • local JumpHeight =“TextButton”)

  • local JHT =“TextBox”)

  • local TptoCrate =“TextButton”)

  • local Open =“TextButton”)

  • local Close =“TextButton”)

  • –Properties:

  • VehicleSimulator.Name = “Vehicle Simulator”

  • VehicleSimulator.Parent = game.CoreGui


  • VSV1.Name = “VSV1”

  • VSV1.Parent = VehicleSimulator

  • VSV1.Active = true

  • VSV1.BackgroundColor3 =, 0, 0)

  • VSV1.BackgroundTransparency = 0.10000000149012

  • VSV1.BorderColor3 =, 0, 0)

  • VSV1.BorderSizePixel = 6

  • VSV1.Position =, 0, 0.117529884, 0)

  • VSV1.Size =, 325, 0, 332)

  • VSV1.Draggable =

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    Book your interim or full service online at Kwik Fit

    At Kwik Fit we offer a choice of ways to service your car. Book your Essential Car Care, Interim or Full Service online today. Book an MOT test at the same time and receive an additional saving over the standard individual product price.

    Please enter your vehicle registration below and click ‘Search’ to view and book Service and MOT packages for your vehicle.

    Please note: Our prices include VAT where applicable. We are able to service the majority of vehicles but some vehicle exclusions may apply. We are currently unable to carry out servicing on electric vehicles. For hybrid or manufacturer servicing, please contact your local centre. If your vehicle has a Digital Service Record (DSR) we will not be able to update or reset this.

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    Car Servicing at Kwik Fit

    Servicing proactively maintains your car, reducing the risk of a breakdown. Even if it is

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